Department/Business Unit: Legal and Administrative Director


Juan Carlos Zúñiga Gutiérrez

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Lawyer fluent in English, he is a Specialist in Energy and Gas Regulation, Liability and Insurance, with extensive experience in management and trust, corporate law and public services. In his capacity as legal director and Secretary of the Shareholders and Board of Directors, he is the person responsible for managing corporate issues, contractual issues and requirements of the competent authorities. He is also responsible to provide legal and regulatory support required for the business structure of the company which meet the objectives and goals of the organization.

Before joining the team e2; Juan Carlos worked at GASES DEL CARIBE S.A. E.S.P., (from December 2006 to July 2010) as a lawyer in the legal department. He also worked with the company Promigas (June 2005 to December 2010) as attorney general secretariat and providing services, developing a collection of natural fo the gas industry standards for transmission, distribution and marketing.

Since 2012 he occupies the Legal and Administrative Management at e2 Energía Eficiente S.A. E.S.P., Company dedicated to the commercialization of Gas and Energy, development and operation of power generation projects and the implementation of energy management.